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CaRob is happy to list select litters that we know are available from quality breeders around the US and Canada.

Conscientious breeders will have checked for genetic problems such as hip dysplasia, hearing problems, and elbow dysplasia in the sire and dam.  A purchase contract is normally established between the buyer and the new puppy owner.  In turn, the buyer often must meet standards that the breeder has set for the types of the homes and the people they want their puppies placed with.


Litter Listings:





Date of Birth:  September 12th 2008
Cheryl Poliak
Number and Color:
2 Fawn Males
3 Fawn Females
Sire - Nonesuch Arlin Green 'N Gold
(OFA prelim Excellent, Eyes Clear, Thyroid Normal - MI State Panel)
DAM - CH Nonesuch Arlin Fawntastic
(OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, Eyes Clear, Thyroid Normal - MI State Panel)
Breeders submit listings for consideration here: Don't See a suitable puppy/adult in our listings?? Try sending us a request for Information here.

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