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Bearded Collies

Bearded Collie Links

Bearded Collie Club of America

National Capital Bearded Collie Club
Minuteman Bearded Collie Club
Carolinas Bearded Collie Club
Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida
Garden State Bearded Collie Clan
Great Lakes Bearded Collie Club 
Chicagoland Bearded Collie Club
Great Plains Bearded Collie Club
Bearded Collie Club of Southern California 
Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers
Bearded Collie Club of the Golden West 
Northwest Bearded Collie Club

Hobo's page. Hobo is a beardie belonging to Glenn Short in the USA
Beacon for Health - Beardie Health pages created by Elsa Sell
The Beardie Chatroom
The website of the Beardie Club in the UK.Administered by Alan Burfitt
The B-BOP (Beardies-L Owners' Page). This has links to most people's websites who are on BDL  Administered by Glenn  Short..

General Interest

Breed Rescue sites Kept by Kyle Laird
Doggy Info On The Web Wilf LeBlanc
Dog Info Mat Sandi Dremel
Electronic Zoo
The AKC Home Page
Kennel Clubs


NetVet Veterinary Resources Home Page
Alternative Veterinary Medicine Jan Agar Bergeron, VMD and Susan Gayle Wynn, DVM
BAER Hearing Testing Information George M Strain, Professor of Neuroscience School of Veterinary Medicine Louisiana State University
CERF Home Page.
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals


Obedience & Training Page
The Tracking Page 
The Clicker Page 
The Click and Treat Page by Gary Wilkes.

National Registries

American Kennel Club Home Page is your source for information regarding registration, rules, upcoming events, and even show results.
Finnish Kennel Club Including information on the 1998 World Dog Show to be held in Finland.

Commercial sites:

Kong World
4-M doggy bookstore
Dog Breeders Network  check out dog breeds and breeders



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