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"Rigbey &  Get"
Ha'Penny CaRob Rigbey

1995 BCCA
National Specialty
Best Brood Bitch



1998 BCCA
National Specialty
Best Brood Bitch


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"Rigbey" - Ch. Ha'Penny CaRob Rigbey R.O.M.
Nine puppies, Nine champions

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Ch. CaRob Windem's Mop Top
Ch. CaRob Dry Clean Only
Ch. Ha'Penny CaRob Week'nd Warrior
Ch. CaRob Buckland of Ha'Penny
Ch. CaRob Wildview's I Love Lucy
Ch. CaRob Ha'Penny Molly of Kismet
Ch. CaRob Forever Darin Escape

Ch. CaRob Boys Will Be Boys
Ch. CaRob Who's That Girl...

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(Carol Ulrich & Robert Gleason) 1987-2009

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