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Bearded Collies at Carob

Kraemer in New York - Westminster Kennel Club

Spocky and Jordan with their own jet skis ??

Sleep is Good! Quote- Garfield Always a cat to make you feel wanted!
More Beardies as babies ......
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More Beardie Babies
Frasier, Kerbie, and Rigbey's First Litter - All Champions

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Ch. CaRob Windem's Mop Top               "Oreo"
a multiple group winner, breeder-owner-handled

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It's Ch. CaRob Boys Behavin Badly in his home with Traci and Jeff!!  He sure has the life.
Corey Ethan Spock and Jordan... Not sure who is grinning biggest!
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Bearded Collies @ CaRob

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